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Food Choices & Eating Patterns

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FCEP has 4 themes 22 sessions When you’ve had multiple rounds of dieting and regaining weight, you get stuck in the dieter’s version of Groundhog Day. But what if ‘eating less and moving more’ is making your problem worse? What if it turns out all your overeating has been the solution for a problem, not the problem itself? How would you know? In Food Choices and Eating Patterns you’ll bypass shame and get a clear-eyed view of your eating life – past, present and future. You examine your lifetime of eating behaviours and uncover the rules determining your food choices. When you’re living with recycling weight, it seems like there’s only two types of eating – regular and dieting. In the Program you’ll learn there are eight types of eating. While some types will be known to you and others will be new, all of them are contributing to your calorie intake. By working your way through these eight eating types you’ll see that everything about your eating makes sense when put it is examined in the right context. Over the Programs 22 sessions you’ll discover… 1. the eating types that respond to diets and those that won’t 2. why healthy eating leads to junk food 3. how eating for relief solves hungering 4. the three stages of autopilot eating 5. how food became a solution for an unnamed problem And by the end of the Program, you will have a complete picture of your relationship with food in all eight eating types and find new insights and answers for an old problem. As your destination with the Food Choices and Eating Patterns Program is conscious eating, this is where you get you off the dieting roller coaster for good. Get started now. o Self-paced o 22 session, interactive program o Case studies and models o 24x7 availability o Secure login o 3 months personal email support o 12-month program access o Work online or download materials


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