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If you can't lose weight or keep it off 

... a diet was never the solution!

A diet isn't the only answer!

Bronwyn Fletcher

Intro to recycling weight problem

If dieting is the answer,
what was the question?

Diet culture has brainwashed us into believing being overweight is a simple overeating problem with a simple diet solution.


This has never been true.

Still, every Monday millions of women across the globe commit to ‘eat less and move more’.


And they do until the gap between what they planned to eat and what they ended up eating doesn’t make sense - even to them.

When the old solutions don’t work or are making the problem worse, you need new skills and answers that you won’t find in diet books.


Take a deep look at the problem using our systems thinking programs. You’ll discover your weight is about the food, but it’s not about the food.


Here you will find the true cause of your weight gain and the non-dieting solutions you need to fix it.



Recycling Weight Quiz

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What is recycling  weight?

Everyone’s weight goes up and down within a small range. But when you have recycling weight it becomes a repeating pattern of weight-gain-loss-regain with significant weight change. 

 A recycling weight pattern operates on a different system to someone gaining weight from overeating in the holiday season.

The telltale sign of recycling weight is an illogical disconnection between what you plan to eat and what you end up eating.

When you join our Weighting for Happiness Project you will learn...


There is nothing wrong with you 


Dieting won't solve the problem you have


Shame is blocking answers


Overeating is your safety system


Lack of willpower is not the problem

We offer

New Concepts

Cycling weight is not a simple overeating problem solved by eating less and moving more. 

It is a complex life puzzle with many interconnections. 

To help with the complexity, we give you the concepts of systems thinking to solve your weight puzzle.

Deep Insights

You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know it exists.

We give you the tools, methodology and a detailed roadmap to surface the true source of your weight problem.

When you’ve made the invisible, visible you will find answers that work for you. 

Major Reframe

When overeating is frequent and cyclical, food is being used to solve a problem.

Understanding what the overeating is a solution for, requires deep exploration with the right lens.

Once the real problem has been identified, non-dieting solutions become clear. 


Women know how to lose weight!

What they can’t figure out is how to stop the weight returning.


Recycling weight is a complex systems problem and one you can’t solve with dieting experience.


You need systems thinking skills, tools and a pathway to understand how this keeps happening.


Systems thinking isn’t therapy. It’s a proven self-enquiry process for digging deep into the system responsible for recycling weight. 

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Research, news, and stories

Woman weighing herself and finding the weight has come back

For years I’ve regularly starved myself and spent thousands of dollars on losing the same fifteen kilograms. The last time I lost ten kilograms and regained twelve.


The weight dilemma

‘I’ve minimised myself so many times. I try to be invisible. Yet my body won’t comply.’


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