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Systems Thinking solutions can solve your weight loss and regain cycle

Get ready to radically change what you think, know and believe about the cause of your recycling weight.

To discover your eating system, how it works and what you’ve designed it to do, we have developed three inter-dependent Programs, and a set of introductory skills.

Foundation Program Image.png

The following three programs will allow you to uncover the hidden forces that combine to drive your weight loss and regain pattern.  

  1. Weight and Dieting History

  2. Food Choices and Eating Patterns

  3. Family Food Culture

They have accompanying resources, audio tools and downloadable guides to help you on your journey. If you are brand new to inner exploration we also recommend starting with our supplementary programs to build your skills before you tackle the modules.

What is an eating system?

Eating Systems Cycle

1. Emotional disturbance

2. Is treated with food

3. The excess Calories result in fat

4. A diet is used to reduce the fat

5. Tension between less food and emotional need ends the diet

Levitating Books

Once all your fundamental skills are ready to be put into practice then you can move into the big programs where we will uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck in your personal cycle and learn the skills to start a new system of thinking, eating and believing in ourselves.


Second, if you've never journaled before there are some key skills and knowledge that we want to make sure you have before you tackle the big programs. Trust us, the most effective pathway for learning these systems is by following the system itself. Check out our Journalling Skills program here. 


First, you need to make sure your emotional fitness is up to scratch. These programs rely heavily on being aware of yourself and being able to assess your inner world objectively. If you don't have any practice at that then you need to start with our Emotional Readiness Program.


The Weighting for Happiness  Foundation Program


Weight & Dieting History
In this Module, you will review your Weight and Dieting History in fine detail. You will cover when and where the problem started and how you’ve tried to fix it. You will examine what’s worked and what hasn’t by looking at the problem over its full term. Primary and secondary goals will be unpacked, along with the dieting process you thought would achieve them.

Food Choices & Eating Patterns

In this Module, you will delve into the intricate world of your food choices and eating patterns. You will explore the psychology and decision-making processes that guide your dietary selections. Together, we will uncover the underlying factors that influence what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat. 


Family Food Culture

In this Module, you'll explore the impact of your family and cultural influences on your relationship with food and weight. We will investigate the traditions, values, and habits surrounding food that have been passed down through your family and cultural heritage. By examining how these influences have shaped your own food culture, you'll gain a better understanding of the subconscious factors that have contributed to your current relationship with food. 

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